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 Gameplay (English Only)
Here is the place to talk about quests, achievements and the general gameplay of Tibia.
16368815230 23.10.2014 19:44:24
by Fluffy Kitsune
 Role Playing
Write tales about your adventures in Tibia and read stories created by other characters.
239681434 23.10.2014 19:00:56
by Cyronix
 Real Life
Everything about your private interests which has nothing to do with Tibia.
6511048263 23.10.2014 19:01:53
by Rallarr
Share your thoughts about real life meetings and conventions.
14086432 20.10.2014 08:02:32
by Naara La Muerte
 Proposals (English Only)
Help us to make Tibia a better place! Propose and discuss ideas on how to improve the game.
52003139091 23.10.2014 19:25:43
by Orkara
 Auditorium (English Only)
Meet Tibia's community managers and give feedback on news articles and Tibia related topics. State your opinion and see what others think and have to say.
170126652 23.10.2014 19:22:20
by Naixis Scourgehand
 Events (English Only)
This board is all about events. Here you can advertise your events server-wide to find more participants or exchange ideas on how to organise events best.
90497702 21.10.2014 11:54:50
by Tjured
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